Hours OPEN:

Wed-Fri (10-5)

Sat & Sun (8-6)

Conditions: 10/21

Temp @ Depth: 76

VIS 18’- 20'

Check out our classes, and learn from some of the best certified instructors out there. Athens Scuba Park offers in-house specialty courses for the adventurous!

Whether you're a novice or an expert, we've got the gear you need. Our store is a full service, fully stocked dive shop. Gear, Air, Tanks, Masks, Lights, BCDS, Equipment Rental and MORE

drone over athens SCUBA

            Video Credit: Ted Kern

​​The Athens Scuba Park Experience


Athens Scuba Park is your ultimate diving destination! An all-inclusive dive facility that provides sales, service, classes and travel! ​With over 35 sunken wrecks and 11 diving docks around the lake, we invite you to come explore and enjoy!

- Reservations appreciated

- Max group size - 6 people

- No training classes please

- Dive Shop - mask is required



Sinking the hawker 600

Video Credit: LiquidAssets